Win Prizes with Your Fitness Tracker

Use your tracker to earn prizes and even cash.

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Did you know you can use your fitness tracker to rack up real prizes and rewards? Sure, cute digital badges can be motivating, but so can actual goodies and even cash.

First off, see if you can get a fitness tracker for free or at a discount. Many health insurers and employers give them away as part of preventive health and wellness programs. For example, take a health assessment at your company's gym, and walk away with a free FitBit or Jawbone device.

Next, be on the lookout for rewards that go along with using your device. Show that you're tracking your activity and your employer or insurance company may give you goodies including t-shirts, discounts, gift cards, and raffle tickets to help you win bigger prizes. (Speaking of raffles, keep an eye on this sweepstakes listings page to find sports- and fitness-related giveaways.)

You can also earn rewards with your existing fitness tracker through the Walgreens Balance Rewards program (available at Duane Reade stores too). Sign up for the Balance Rewards loyalty program and synch up your tracker. Eligible devices include BodyMedia armbands; the Fitbit Flex, Force, One, Ultra, and Zip; the iHealth tracker; Jawbone Up and Up24; and Withings Pulse.

Once you're linked up, you'll automatically receive 20 Balance Rewards points for every mile you walk or run each day. Once you hit 5,000 Balance Rewards points, you can redeem them for dollars off your transactions at Walgreens.

You also earn points for shopping at the store, and for other healthy activities such as weigh-ins (use the honor system or connect a WiFi or Bluetooth scale) and blood pressure checks. You can't pile up a lot of store credit this way—only about a dollar a month. But if you're tracking your steps anyway, and you don't mind participating in a store loyalty program, you might as well save a few pennies.

Trackers and Apps with Prize Programs

If you want your kids to get in on the act, consider GeoPalz or Zamzee. With these devices, your child can earn virtual prizes for activity—but she can also accumulate points toward real-world prizes too. You can even group your family's activity to earn points together. On GeoPalz, pull in data from other trackers (such as FitBit and MapMyFitness) and add it to your child's GeoPalz points.

Another option: Apps that help you earn rewards by exercising. For some of these, you need a fitness tracker to quantify your activity. With Nexercise, you don't; just log your activity to earn mPoints, which can be converted into gift cards, redeemed for sweepstakes entries, or donated to charity. Much like the Balanced Rewards program, this is a good option if you're already participating in mPoints.

To win fitness prizes with EveryMove and Earndit, you'll need a tracker device or app (like Endomondo or RunKeeper) to participate, but chances are good that your favorite one is available.

Simply link this device or app with your EveryMove or Earndit account and start earning points. Exchange points for discounts with retailers, or donate your winnings to charity.

Bet On It

There's another way to win prizes via fitness tracker: Take a risk and make a bet on yourself. With Pact and DietBet, you earn cash when you meet health and fitness goals, but pay up when you don't. One catch is that the goals aren't personalized. Pact gives you the option of three different "pacts" to choose from, and DietBet has two "games" you can join. If they don't match your needs, you're out of luck. Of course, the tradeoff is that you can earn real money if you reach your goals!

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