Ways to Stick to Your Exercise Plan During the Winter

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Exercise is an important part of your cholesterol-lowering plan. However, when cold weather hits, outdoor activities may take a backseat. Your daily, one-mile walk that was effortless by the end of summer suddenly takes a lot of motivation to do against the cold winds of winter. It is true that your outdoor options for activity may be limited due to the harsher, colder weather. However, this does not mean that exercise should be completely dropped from your cholesterol-lowering lifestyle during the winter months.

There are simple ways to stick to your exercise routine during the winter – and still enjoy the season.

If you are new to exercise, contact your doctor before starting any regimen.


Join a gym.

There is a vast array of exercise equipment, a swimming pool and an indoor track at most gyms, giving you the opportunity to exercise in warmer temperatures – without exposing yourself to the elements. A gym often has exercise classes to learn new activities. Whether you are lifting weights, taking a Pilates class or power walking – as long as you’re moving, you are helping keep your cholesterol levels in check. The downside to this option is that joining a gym may be costly in some cases or may require a year-long membership. Additionally, you may not have a gym in your immediate area.

Exercise outdoors.

If you love the winter weather, there are ways that you can exercise in the colder climate. Walking, running, snowboarding and ice skating are just a few of the many activities you can do during the winter months.

You can also get creative and turn snow shoveling and snowman building into a mini-workout. However, before braving the elements, make sure to follow the same pre-exercise practices by warming up and knowing your limits. Additionally, make sure that you keep warm while exercising outdoors by layering your clothes and covering up.

Exercise indoors.

If exercising outdoors and joining a gym are not options, there are others ways you can incorporate exercise into the winter months without enduring the freezing cold – or packing a punch to your pocketbook. Many exercises, such as a yoga, walking, and muscle-strengthening workouts, can be done in the comfort of your own home. If you are looking for ideas, check your local television listings. There are many television exercise programs you can participate in and record for later use. Additionally, you can also purchase exercise DVDs or find videos of these exercises online.

Try these helpful tips for finding indoor exercise ideas.

There are many options for exercise when the weather outside turns cold. Because your outdoor exercises can be limited during this time of the year, being creative and switching your activities is very important to keep your cholesterol levels healthy. Do you have relatives or friends who are also watching their cholesterol? If so, get them involved in your exercise plan.

They can act as an exercise buddy to help you stay motivated or as a source of ideas for additional exercises to add to your cholesterol-lowering exercise regimen.

Since it’s important to have variety in your exercise plan, employing more than one of the above options is a good way to stay on track. There are plenty of other ways you can creatively sneak exercise into your day. In any case, keeping exercise in your lifestyle during the winter months and beyond can help keep your cholesterol low and also help lower your risk for heart disease.

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