Winter Movie Choices for Tweens

Enjoy the cold weather with these winter-themed family movies

Break out a great movie for fun time inside.
A good movie can make a winter day fun and cozy. Linnell Esler,

Winter can be long and cold, but that's no reason not to enjoy it. If you're looking for a themed family movie night, or if your child is hosting a sleepover party this winter, consider the following winter movies for kids and families. In each, winter plays a major role, and makes the movie all the more enjoyable. Just grab a few snacks and drinks to make your winter movie extra fun.

Winter Movie Ideas for Kids and Families

Snow Dogs, PG

This 2002 winter movie features Cuba Gooding, Jr as a Miami dentist, Ted, who travels to Alaska to claim an unexpected inheritance - a team of sled dogs left to him by his birth mother, a native Alaskan.

While dealing with the dogs, Ted finds romance, meets his real father, a crusty outdoorsman played by James Coburn, and learns that a fish out of water can find a home in a most unexpected place.

Eight Below, PG

Inspired by a true story, Eight Below tells the tear jerking story of survivalist Jerry Shepard and his eight dogs. When the dogs are stranded in sub zero temperatures in Antarctica, they band together to survive, and Shepard struggles to find them again and bring them home. Paul Walker takes the lead in this movie, but the real stars are the dogs and the Antarctic backdrop.

Groundhog Day, Rated PG

Poor Phil Connors has to relive the same day over and over again. And it's Goundhog Day to boot. The cynical, selfish weatherman is stuck in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania with his producer, wise-cracking cameraman and a host of local characters. This time warp movie couldn't be much funnier, with Bill Murray in the leading role.

Miracle on Ice, PG

This 2004 winter movie tells the true story of the 1980 Winter Olympics when the underdog USA team took the gold in men's hockey, beating the Soviet Union. Kurt Russell stars in this Disney flick, that's guaranteed to make you feel proud and inspired before it's all over.

The Might Ducks, PG

Emilio Estevez stars as Gordon Bombay, a lawyer sentenced to coach a pee wee hockey team after he's pulled over for drunk driving.

Reluctant, he eventually learns to relish he role as a coach and role model and wins over his team of misfits. In the process, he's given the chance to right old childhood wrongs.

Snow Day, PG

Students in upstate New York try to keep the schools closed after a snow storm by attempting to stop the Snowplowman, played by Chris Elliott. Chevy Chase and Jean Smart also star in this film, which is appealing to any kid who has prayed for snow in order to get out of going to school. Chris Elliot's facial expressions are always worth the price of admission.

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