Winter Toilet Paper Tube Crafts

Simple Crafts You Can Make With Leftover Toilet Paper Roll Tubes

When the weather gets colder, we often find ourselves spending more time inside with our families than during the warmer parts of the year. During this time, many people are looking for indoor activities to keep amused, especially for children. Going outdoors, even in the cold, is still an option for some, even if it's just for a short time. For kids with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), going out in the cold for too long might not be the best choice for their health, especially if they are experiencing, or recovering from, a flare-up.

What is there to do on those snow days, rainy days, or other days when we are caught inside our homes? Instead of turning to TV or video games, a craft that the entire family can participate in is a great idea to pass the time. Kids and adults alike benefit from the time together, and producing a finished product can help instill a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence in a child who may be feeling powerless because of Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis.

When thinking about which crafts to undertake, consider the raw materials you may have on hand. What do people who have IBD usually have around the house in abundance? Toilet paper rolls! Here I have collected ideas for some crafts that use toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls as one of the materials. Not only will you have fun and enjoy some family time, you'll also be upcycling a piece of trash into a treasure!

Toilet Paper Tube Penguin

Emperor Penguin Craft
This emperor penguin is simple to make. Kids can help in the creation and they love to play with it afterward. Photo © Amber Tresca
Making a toilet paper tube into a penguin makes perfect sense because they waddle when they walk. For this craft, the author provides some templates that you can print out to make the feet, beak, and wings, but you could probably just "wing it" by cutting white, black, and orange construction paper into the proper shapes. You could even use black and white paint to make the penguin body. Have fun, and scroll all the way to the bottom for instructions on how to make a macaroni penguin!


Toilet Paper Roll Snowflake Craft

After you are finished making this craft, it will not resemble a toilet paper tube in the least. I could see this snowflake in an array of colors and used to decorate a mantle or a Christmas tree, or even hanging from the ceiling to make an indoor winter wonderland. Children could even give these away as little handmade gifts to their family, friends, and teachers.


Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder Craft

Probably the easiest toilet paper craft you'll ever find, and one that could even be done by the littlest people in the house (who may not even use toilet paper yet!). Put some peanut butter on your tube, roll it in birdseed, and hang it from a tree. In my house we have food allergies, so I would use a different "nut butter" than peanut butter for this craft.


Toilet Paper Reindeer Ornament Craft

The most involved craft on my easy-to-make toilet paper tube list is this reindeer craft. Not only can you reuse a toilet paper tube for this one, but you can also reuse some spare cardboard. You could decide to make an entire herd of reindeer for a winter decoration, personalizing each one with different eyes, antlers, or even with markings on the back using white paint.


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