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Withings Scale 640
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The Withings Wifi Body Scale not only measures your weight and body fat content, it estimates your body mass index (BMI) and transmits it via Wi-Fi to their web site. You can view your weight and body fat measurements on the web or on an iPhone app or the Libra Android app. You can also set the Withings scale to automatically Tweet your measurements to Twitter. The scale keeps data for up to eight users, with individual privacy settings for each.

It has a sleek Apple-like design.

This model has been discontinued, but see their newer versions, the Wifi Body and the Wifi Body Cardio​: Manufacturer's Site


  • Displays weight to 0.2 lb or 0.1 kg, up to 396 pounds or 180 kilograms.
  • Displays in metric or English units.
  • Easy set up for Wi-Fi connection.
  • Comes with feet for use on carpet or use without on hard flooring.
  • Saves up to 16 measurements for transmission if your Wi-Fi connection is down.


  • Should not be used by those with a pacemaker.


  • Body weight scale with digital display of 0.2 lb or 0.1 kg increments.
  • Uses bioelectric impedence to estimate body fat mass, lean mass and body mass index
  • Can be used by up to eight people. Each can set their privacy choices, so that other users can't see each other's data.
  • If used with a Wi-Fi connection, can view each individual's data on the Withings.com web site or iPhone or Android app.
  • Can be set to Tweet user's data -- or not!

    Guide Review - Withings Wifi Body Scale Review

    One of the habits of people who maintain weight loss is regularly weighing themselves and recording their weight. The Withings Wifi Body Scale makes the recording easy as it transmits the data via Wi-Fi to their website. Users can view the data via a Withings iPhone app, the Libra Android app, or on the password-protected Withings website.

    Withings Wifi Body Scale Features

    The scale displays weight in either pounds or kilograms, and it displays it in units of 0.2 pounds and 0.1 kilograms. It also uses a small electric current to measure the bioelectric impedance of your bare feet on the the scale. This measures how much of your weight is water vs. fat vs. lean tissue. The scale displays how many pounds or kilos of fat are included in the total and calculates your body mass index (BMI). Because of the use of the electric current, this scale should not be used by people who have a pacemaker.

    Setting Up the Wi-Fi Scale

    While the scale can be used without a Wi-Fi connection, if you have a home Wi-Fi connection it is easy to set up to transmit your data to the Withings.com website and view it online or via an iPhone app and other apps. I followed the simple instructions and had no difficulty in getting it online. I installed the Withings iPhone app and set up my Withings.com personal dashboard to view my weight, fat mass and lean mass graphs.

    Graphs of Your Weight, Fat Mass and Lean Mass

    The scale transmits data via a Wi-Fi connection to the Withings.com website where it can be accessed using your personal password. It displays your weight, fat mass and lean mass readings on a graph.

    It shows a trend line, which is important because daily weights and fat measurements can yo-yo up and down. You can also view your data via a Withings iPhone app, the Libra Android app, and other options they continue to add.

    Sharing Features

    If you want to share your data with a weight loss buddy or put them out in public with a Tweet, you can designate how you will share your data. This can be set for each individual who uses the scale. The data can also be transmitted to a Google Health account or Microsoft HealthVault account. And for people who like paper, it is easy to print out as a .pdf file.

    Bottom Line

    I really enjoyed using the Withings scale and being able to see my trends over time. Yes, a pencil and paper is also easy to use, but also easy to misplace or to forget to record a reading. Some users like the social pressure of sharing their data with other people, even via Twitter. I prefer privacy and felt that Withings' system protected that, even from other users in my home.

    Withings also has the Withings Pulse pedometer that syncs with the Withings phone apps. It not only tracks physical activity and calories burned, it tracks sleep quality and has a pulse reader.

    See the current models of Withings Wifi Scales at Withings.com

    Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. 

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