Woman Makes Husband Choose Between Their Baby and Her

It's hard to believe, but this father was faced with a heartbreaking choice.

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As thousands of fathers before him have done, Samuel Forrest waited outside of his wife's room in an Armenian hospital for the news that their baby had been born. 

But although he was overjoyed to meet his new son, his joy was quickly dashed with two pieces of surprising news:

His son had Down Syndrome. And his wife was giving him an ultimatum--it was her or their son. 

The first time Forrest saw his son, whom he named Leo, the hospital's pediatrician was rushing his bundled-up baby out of the room and the first-time father wasn't really sure what was going on.

But when he finally got to see him, hospital officials broke the news to him that their son had special news, to which Forrest described  gave him a few moments of "shock."

However, it wasn't long before Forrest had the chance to hold his son and as any parent knows, the magic of meeting your baby for the first time is a moment like none other. And for Forrest, falling in love with his son was as easy as holding him in his arms. 

Forrest described his son as "perfect" and declared that there wasn't even a question of who he would choose, saying he would "absolutely" keep his son. 

Apparently, in Armenia, where the baby was born, hospital practices regarding special needs babies are much different than in America. In Armenia, there is still a stigma attached to special needs and parents have the option of simply opting not to take their babies home from the hospital if they are born with a condition like Down Syndrome.


Babies like Leo are cared for in orphanages and after touring many of the country's facilities in an effort to understand some of the challenges facing special needs children, Forrest has vowed that his son will never spend a second in an orphanage. 

Although Forrest relates that he tried everything he could think of to convince his wife that they could raise Leo together, her own family believed than an orphanage seemed like a "safer option." One week after the baby was born, Forrest's wife filed for a divorce.

Currently, Forrest is fundraising to help bring his baby home and has plans to move to his own country of New Zealand to raise his son with the help of his family members. 

It's a heart-breaking scenario to hear. A father being forced to choose his wife or his son, forging a new path as a single father to a special needs child and I can only hope that we can share the story so this brave father gets some much-needed support. Forrest claims that he still has love for his wife and that we all need to understand that "she and many like her are the victims of the social norms in Armenia."

"Leo is one lucky guy," Forrest tells us. "He is doing well and is very healthy."

Much love to this special father and son duo! 

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