Women Review Depo-Provera Contraceptive Injection

Get real-life experiences of this quarterly contraception

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With these reviews of Depo-Provera, find out if this quarterly contraceptive injection is right for you.

Depo-Provera protects against unplanned pregnancies for up to 13 weeks. Many women who have the injection skip periods during the entire three months. Other women continue to menstruate. Some women couldn't be happier with a contraceptive. And others experience a myriad of symptoms from irregular or heavy periods to headaches, weight gain, anxiety and loss of libido.

There are hundreds of ongoing discussions about this highly controversial contraceptive. Here is a small sampling of those discussions.

Are Depo Side Effects Temporary?

"I'm 27 and I just had my first Depo shot a little over a month ago. Within the first couple days after I had the shot, I got nauseous and sick. I also had horrible mood swings and one evening of severe depression. Since then the nausea and mood issues have pretty much tapered off.

"I have been getting a lot of bad headaches, though. I'm not sure if they are Depo-related, but it seems a likely culprit. I also bled for about a month straight. Now it has stopped.

"For the past couple days, I have had some small mood swings and have been feeling off. This would have been my normal time for my period. ... I started taking the shot because I had a lot of problems with the Pill a few years ago and also because I have very painful periods (bad enough that I used to miss work about one day a month)." - BeyondMatrix 

Loss of Sex Drive 

"I was on Depo for about six months (got two shots). My (my boyfriend's) main problem with it was the libido loss. It really is good birth control! The first month I lightly bled for about three weeks, and the rest of the time I rarely wanted to have sex anyways.

"I did gain a little weight, and was a bit more emotional than usual (depressed).

But I really would have liked to stay on it. I loved not having my period. I did not get it after the first or second shot." - Argonsoleil

Depo's Effect On Pregnancy

"I got the shot [and] waited a week before having intercourse and three months later I am now pregnant. My ... doctor told me that it was an instant type thing... After never getting my period for two months and somehow I knew was not going to get it for the third time now... called up my doctor who told me that there was no need to make an appointment and that it was normal.

"I told her that I wanted a pregnancy test anyway and it came out positive. I think I am about 14 weeks pregnant... Now my main worry is what this can do to my unborn baby..." - Timmiesgirl

Depo Craziness

"If you say the wrong thing, I fly off the handle. My relationship has gotten so rocky because of my mood swings. One minute, I'm happy as can be, and the next, I'm like a mad woman. (Lately, I've been more sad than anything.) ... I haven't gained any weight or any of those other bad side effects: just the moodiness..." - LRucinksi  

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