Word Games for Baby Showers

Baby Categories

Baby Shower Cupcakes
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Baby Categories: (Use the baby's or parents' initials.)

  • Baby Boy's First Name/Baby Girl's
  • Baby Food
  • Item in a Diaper Bag
  • Baby Product Brand
  • Baby's Relative
  • Famous Baby
  • Baby Shower Gift
  • Baby Toy

Rules: Use the given letter to fill in each listed category. All answers must be baby-related. You cannot use the same answer twice in any column. All original answers score one point for each word beginning with given letter (i.e. baby bottle would score two). Be creative. Debatable answers will be judged by the group. So be careful!

Mother Toss

Baby Shower Cupcakes
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Have the mother-to-be sit in the middle of the floor (on a chair) with a bunch of baby items and a diaper bag. Have each guest before hand guess how many items she is going to get into the baby bag. Have about 10 small items like: rattles, bottle, etc. The guest with the correct amount of guesses wins!

And the mother gets to keep the gifts!

Best Guess

Baby Shower Cupcakes
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Have each of your guest at the shower write down a number for the size of the stomach of the mother-to-be. Have a measuring tape on hand and measure her and give a prize to the person that comes closest to her actual size.

Stinky Diapers

Baby clothes folded
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I just played a game at a baby shower my mom threw for my sister in law. She bought teeny tiny newborn baby diapers, and filled each one with one particularly "stinky" food item. Then she numbered each diaper and tied them up with a pretty blue ribbon. She gave each guest a piece of paper and they numbered 1-10. She laid out 10 ( you could do more or less) diapers on a tray, and each guest took turns sniffing the diapers. Then they wrote down what they thought was in each diaper corresponding to the number on their paper.

She used several stinky things, like feta cheese, onions, coffee beans, chocolate, toothpaste, lemons, blue cheese, sun dried tomatoes, vinegar, tuna etc. It was the funniest thing I ever saw. It was hard for people to believe these were items that they actually eat! My mom kept saying, put your finger in there, taste it! It was gross, but so much fun! The mom-to-be even brought the dirty diapers home to let my brother play! I recommend this game to any and all... The laughs are worth it! And of course, whoever guesses the most smells is the winner. The funniest part is the anticipation of what the next diaper will smell like, because some smells were pleasant while others were absolutely STINKY!!!

Baby Taboo

Baby Shower Cupcakes
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Recently I have seen quite a few baby showers include a word-taboo game to their game roster...

Basically each guest at the shower is greeted at the door and is handed a safety pin (can put cute baby related items on the pin like mini pacifiers, etc.) I've also seen a clothespin variation, hot glued plastic babies on pins, etc. The guests place pin where it is visible and then are instructed that certain words at the party are taboo (common words you are going to hear regularly at a shower like baby, pregnant, the baby's name if it is known etc.) As guests wander around the party (this encourages them to mingle) they listen for others to use the taboo words while they try themselves not to use the words in conversations, if anyone says a taboo word they give up their pin to whomever caught them. Whoever has the most pins at the end of the allotted time or the end of the shower is the winner.

Diaper Race

Newborn diaper and cord clamp on belly button
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I have a fun baby shower game. It's called the diapering race. Here's how you play: blindfold the contestants and provide each with a baby-sized doll or teddy bear, then time them as they diaper the "babies." This game simulates the experience most parents have when they change their babies diaper at two o'clock in the morning.

Envelope Trick

Top Secret Envelope Gender Reveal
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Supply each guest with a pencil. Before the shower, prepare the following: Take a small piece of plain paper and write the name of a baby-related object (examples: crib, rocking chair, bonnet, etc.); place the piece of paper in a small plain envelope and seal it. Give each person an envelope - TELL THEM NOT TO OPEN IT UNTIL YOU GIVE THE SIGNAL.

Inform them that after you give the signal to begin they will have 3 minutes to draw the object listed on the paper. Really emphasize that they have only 3 minutes and they will need to hurry. Then say, Ready, Set, Go! The guests will quickly rip into their envelopes and begin drawing. At the end of the 3 minutes, tell them to stop drawing and to write their name on the piece of paper and put it back it the envelope.

Gather up the envelopes, give them to the mother-to-be and announce that she will pick the winner by determining who opened the neatest envelope. Your guests will be really surprised that they are not competing based on their artistic ability, but on how neatly they opened their envelopes. For some laughs, pass the pictures around for everyone to see.

Candy Crafts

Jelly Beans
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I recently went to a baby shower where every one came in and was asked to get a pacifier out of a bowl by the door and pin it to their shirts. They were made out of pipe cleaner rods and white life savers candy and jelly beans. How they were made (you made a loop with the pipe cleaner rod and twisted the end together like a bread tie and slipped over it a white life save piece of candy and on the very end you forced a jelly bean on it for the nipple. They were really cute, and they were all blue pipe cleaners, white life savers candy and a white jelly bean except for one. The person that got the one with a different colored jelly bean was asked to stand and was asked if they thought they could answer a trivia question about a kids cartoon for a prize? They said sure and they were asked "what kind of dog was Scooby Doo?" They had 3 choices to choose from, a great dane or lab or a german shepherd, they after choosing the correct answer. (great dane) They were awarded a gift pack, that included stationary, and a candle. The candle was wrapped in lace mesh tied off at the top with ribbon and it flowered at the top, it was really nice. I thought that was the nicest gift and the cutest pacifiers. I still have mine and have suggested this to lots of others as mementos for their guests.

Bottoms Up

Plastic Baby
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This is basically a dice game using the little "sitting" babies you can get at cake decorating stores. Put them (maybe 8-10) in a cup and shake just as if "shooting" dice. If you get "two bottoms up" you win. I bet you could also see who gets the most "bottoms up" and call it "bottoms up". It's not as easy as it sounds!!

A Real Twist on Baby Food (No eating!)

Baby Food Jars
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A really fun baby shower game is to get 10-12 or so empty baby food jars and remove the labels and number each one. Put a different white powdery thing in each one. Examples would be: sugar, salt, baking powder, baking soda, cream of tartar, powdered milk, laundry detergent, baby powder, formula powder, white bubble bath powder...whatever you have on hand.

Have each guest guess what is in each jar and write down their answers. No opening the baby food jars to smell/taste! This is lots of fun.

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