10 Workout Motivation Mantras

Get motivated to get fit. Find workout motivation with the power of suggestion.

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You know you need to work out. You know you should work out. Maybe you even know you like to work out. But that doesn't always mean you have the motivation you really need to get yourself up and going. Try one of these workout motivation mantras when you need a little nudge. Repeat early and often until your feet hit the ground running.

  1. "I already paid for that 10K!" Registering and training for an event is an excellent way to up your motivation mojo.
  1. "Summer is coming!" ... and with it, swimsuit season. Enough said!
  2. "Pretty soon, this baby will be walking." You need energy and stamina to keep up with your kids, no matter how young (or old) they are.
  3. "There's a new episode of Game of Thrones!" If you have a television (or tablet) near your treadmill, stationary bike, or set of weights, enjoy your favorite show or half a movie while you work out. Or download podcasts or audiobooks onto your smartphone and take your workout on the road.
  4. "I'm getting closer to my goal!" Whether you're striving for weight loss, an improved running time, or a treat like a manicure, having something to shoot for can be a powerful way to boost your workout motivation.
  5. "Think about that new pair of jeans." Picture yourself in the fitting room with a stack of denim, slipping on a pair that fits you well and looks great.
  6. "My doctor/trainer/best friend is going to be so proud of me." Sometimes a little external workout motivation does the trick.
  1. "I want to be around for my kids for many years to come." Maybe a long-term goal inspires you most.
  2. "I can get my body back to pre-baby shape." You've been lean and strong before; you can get there again with a little hard work. (Okay, sometimes it takes a lot of hard work.)
  3. "I will feel so good after this workout." Remember that burst of energy and endorphins you had after your last run or yoga class? Go for it again!

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