World Walking Day

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World Walking Day Logo. American Volkssport Association

World Walking Day:

Enjoy a walk on IVV World Walking Day, May 8 each year. The celebration may be held on the weekend before or after May 8 at the convenience of member countries. A special stamp and certificate for walkers who attend walks held by International Volkssport Federation (IVV) associated clubs worldwide. The IVV is the world's largest organization of walking clubs. Each clubs hosts non-competitive walking events that are open to the public to promote health, fitness, and friendship.

In the USA clubs are organized through the AVA, and in Canada through the CVF.

Walking an IVV Walk:

Walking events are held in a variety of terrain - parks, countryside, neighborhoods, cityscapes, any place walkers find a pleasant route to enjoy. The events always have a 10 kilometer (6 mile) trail, plus shorter and longer distances where possible. There is a fee for the event award and IVV credit stamp, but many events also welcome people to walk for free or make a voluntary donation.

Get Addicted to Walking:

The IVV Individual Achievement Award system uses Record Books, which can be purchased at any event. Each time you walk an IVV-sanctioned event anywhere in the world your book is stamped. On completion of milestones such as 10 events, 30, 50, 500 kilometers, 1000 kilometers, etc. the books are redeemed for a certificate, patch, and hatpin. Walkers find this to be great incentive to keep walking.

Where They Walk:

Twenty-eight countries are members of the IVV, and they additionally have individual clubs in fourteen more countries as of 2015. Europe, North America, and Asia are well-represented with clubs and events. Check the calendar of events in your area to find IVV clubs and events to enjoy.

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