Worst Baseball Injuries

What Doesn't Kill You Still Hurts Really Bad

Though thousands of kids play sports without getting hurt, many parents worry about the possibility. Pee wee football tends to come to mind as being enemy number one. But while more injuries happen on the gridiron, baseball is to blame for more kid sport-related deaths. Baseballs do the deed, mostly by hitting a player hard in the center of the chest or by smacking the player in the noggin.

That's not to say baseball can't injure without killing, however. These are the most common of baseball injuries. It's not a bad idea to have a sports first aid kit available.

Commotio Cordis

young pitcher hit by baseball
A baseball striking the chest can lead to commodio cordis. Glow Images/Getty Images
The leading cause of baseball deaths. Commotio cordis isn't really an injury; it's bad luck. Commotio cordis comes from getting hit in the chest with a baseball and dropping dead from sudden cardiac arrest. If you're a baseball coach or a baseball parent, this is why you need to learn CPR.

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Sliding into second base and gopher holes in the outfield lead to twisted ankles. Throwing can be hard on arms as well.

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Broken Bones

One of the worst ankle fractures I ever treated came from an adult male softball player sliding into second base (fast pitch softball). His ankle was dislocated and shattered; it was brutal.

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Head Injuries

Batters wear helmets, but nobody else does. Over the last few years we've learned just how dangerous a knock to the noggin can be. Besides an errant pitch, players can also smack each other with bats or run into one another trying to catch a fly ball.

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Facial Injuries

It's almost a rite of passage to get a black eye or a nosebleed from a baseball in little league. It's much less accepted to lose a tooth or split a lip. See #4 to understand why it's a bad idea to take one on the noggin anywhere, face included.

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