Wrapped Pen Craft for Tweens

Gather Your Supplies for Your Pen Craft

supplies needed for pen craft
Denise D. Wimter

This pen is a fun and easy craft project that can be done in many different colors, for any occasion. It makes a wonderful gift for friends, and is a fun party activity or party favor for teens or tweens. To make the pen, you'll need:

  • Floss or craft string or cord; eight feet of each color, three to four different colors
  • Three to four pony beads (or other craft beads)
  • Hot glue or tacky glue
  • One pen
  • Sandpaper (optional)

Secure the End of the String to Your Pen

pen craft second step
Denise D. Witmer

Gather one end of your colors of string together. Using an overhand knot (like the kind you make when you're tying your shoelace), tie your floss onto the pen, leaving a four-inch tail, which will be finished off with beads later. At the top of the pen, add a bit of glue. Slip your strings up over the gluey area to keep it secure.

Note: if the glue is not holding your threads in place securely, you may need to scratch up the top of the pen with sandpaper first to gain a little traction.

Wrap Using Friendship Knot around the Pen

wrap the pen craft
Denise D. Witmer

Using the basic friendship knot as shown, wrap the floss around until all of the pen is covered, except for the writing tip.

Tie off the String on the Pen

tying of the pen craft
Denise D. Witmer

Pulling a loop on one side of the pen and using the string on the other side, tie off using an overhand knot. Double the knot  to secure the strings. Trim the loose ends of the strings to neaten them.

Secure the Second End of the Floss on the Pen

secure ends of pen craft
Denise D. Witmer

Gently push up the threads, add glue around the bottom of the pen. Carefully slide the twisted strings back in place without unraveling them.

Add Beads to the Pen

add beads to pen craft
Denise D. Witmer

On the top end of the pen, add four pony beads to the hanging tail. Tie off the tail on the last bead as shown. Trim the end.

Enjoy Your Pen

image of finished pen craft for teens
Denise D. Witmer

Depending on the colors of the strings chosen, each pen will be unique and nicely finished.

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