WubbaNub Pacifiers Review

An Adorable Pacifier with Your Favorite Stuffed Animal

Wubbanub - Giraffe
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Parents often choose pacifiers to soothe their babies. Some babies, especially preemies, have a hard time keeping the pacifier in their mouth. This is where a product like WubbaNub can help.

The adorable pacifiers from WubbaNub have a plush animal attached to the pacifier. They can be used by parents and caregivers to soothe premature babies while giving them a soft toy to cuddle with.

Preemies often have low muscle tone and a weak suck.

Pacifier use can help preemies develop their muscles and sucking reflex.

Pacifiers in the NICU

In the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) where I work, we routinely offer pacifiers to our babies. Pacifier use soothes babies to promote restful sleep which is important for premature babies. Pacifiers can also help our babies tolerate procedures like blood draws and IV starts with less pain and crying.

Unfortunately, because our babies often have such a weak suck reflex they have a hard time keeping pacifiers in their mouths! The WubbaNub pacifier is designed to help with this problem.

How Does WubbaNub Help?

The WubbaNub pacifier securely holds an infant-sized Soothie pacifier onto a small stuffed animal.

The furry critter is just the right size for babies to snuggle and gives the baby enough leverage to help them hold the pacifier in their mouths. It also makes the pacifier easier to find anywhere in the house or diaper bag, just look for the animal!

The WubbaNub has gone through extensive safety testing to make sure that it is 100% baby safe.

Families have a variety of critters to choose from. The 'Red Dog' is WubbaNub's signature pacifier animal and you will find everything from kittens, frogs, ducks, dinos, and even a reindeer. They are all super cute and very colorful, so there is sure to be a WubbaNub for every family.

The drawback for parents of preemies is that the pacifier on the WubbaNub is infant-sized and does not come in preemie sizes. The infant Soothie is recommended for babies over 34 weeks who are breastfeeding or taking bottles with regular nipples.

Precautions for Pacifiers and Preemies

In 2005, the American Academy of Pediatrics revised its policy on sudden infant death syndrome (or SIDS). In that report and in their latest SIDS policy statement, they suggest that pacifier use is associated with a lower risk of SIDS.

The evidence does not show that pacifier use prevents SIDS. It does show a lower incidence of SIDS among babies who sleep with pacifiers.

Pacifiers and Breastfeeding

Parents of breastfeeding babies should carefully consider the risks and benefits of pacifier use.

Pacifier use can interfere with breastfeeding, especially during the first month of life. The risk of SIDS peaks between 2 to 4 months of age, so attaining a balance between using pacifiers and not using them is easy.

More About WubbaNub

  • Adorable plush animals with infant Soothie pacifiers safely attached.
  • Available in a variety of styles, from Pink Pony to Red Dragon. And of course, the classic Red Dog!
  • Available online or from a select number of stores.

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