Years of School to Become a Pediatrician

Becoming A Pediatrician

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Question. I am a high school student doing a report and was wondering how long it takes to become a pediatrician? How many years of school do you have to attend?

Answer. After graduating from high school, a student that wants to become a pediatrician traditionally must complete 11 years of training.

Years of School To Become A Pediatrician

As a part of their 11 years of training, becoming a pediatrician classically includes:

I say classically and traditionally because there are alternative paths to becoming a pediatrician. And no, I don't mean taking an extra year or two to finish college or medical school.

Accelerated Premedical Medical Programs

In addition to simply graduating from college after four years and then going to medical school for another four years, it is possible to get accepted into accelerated programs that let you complete your training early.

These accelerated programs usually include three years of college and four years of medical school, with students getting a bachelors degree (BS) after their first year of medical school.

There are even a few six year dual degree programs!

Years of Training To Become A Pediatrician

Of course, you aren't a pediatrician after your six to eight years of college and medical school.

To complete your training and become a pediatrician, you also after to complete:

So that adds up to about 11 years of school and training to become a pediatrician.

It is important to note that during your internship and residency years, while you are still learning, you are technically not in school and are getting paid for your work.

Want to become a pediatric specialist? That could mean another three years (or more) of pediatric fellowship training.

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