Yoga Apps

Yoga Apps for iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

Most yoga apps follow a similar model. These apps are basically an electronic version of yoga flash cards, though some also include narration and sequencing. Our favorites stand out from the crowd by virtue of their expertise or unique visuals.

FitStar Yoga

Photo Courtesy of FitStar
FitStar Yoga breaks new ground with its fairly seamless personalized yoga sequences. The app relies on your feedback to tailor your sessions while also providing some more traditional yoga workouts.

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iYoga Premium

iYoga Premium - Wild Thing
iYoga Premium - Wild Thing. Image Courtesy of iYoga Premium
iYoga Premium for the iPad is a great boon for people who like to do yoga at home. It offers a pose library with audio and visual instruction, the ability to create your own sequences and a unique anatomical display that shows you which muscles are being used in each pose.

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Authentic Yoga

Authentic Yoga is a iPhone/iPod app from alternative medicine expert Deepak Chopra and yoga instructor Tara Stiles. Chopra gives a series of video lectures on understanding yoga philosophy and provides narration throughout the application and Stiles demonstrates the yoga asanas.

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Drishti Yoga Quiz Cards

This app changes it up by allowing your to test your knowledge of pose names in English and Sanskrit. You can also use the program to study the names of the poses. My only criticism is that the image quality on some of the photos isn't very good.

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Yoga STRETCH is one of the most popular yoga apps on iTunes. This app features the ability to customize your routine by choosing the duration, music, and teacher's voice. You can also pause the sequence and skip over poses. The poses are nicely illustrated in silhouette.

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Brought to you by the same folks who designed Yoga STRETCH, Yoga RELAX is a gentler, shorter yoga routine.

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Features a sun salutation sequence, with the ability to choose how many reps you want to do. The photographic illustrations are well done and you can access different angles of the pose.

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