9 Yoga Must-Haves for Men

Don't Be Afraid of the Mat

Collage by Laura Williams

Guys, it's time to stop assuming that yoga's for your girlfriends. Yoga is an incredible way to improve flexibility and coordination, and gain isometric strength. That said, I don't blame you for thinking it's just for the ladies - guys don't have nearly as many options when it comes to yoga apparel or accessories as us women. Well, now you can thank me. Here's a roundup of great yoga apparel and accessories designed just for the men. You're welcome.

Manly Yoga DVDs


If you're hesitant to head to the studio as the only guy in a room full of ladies, start with a home-based practice. Gaiam recently released a series of DVDs in their Athletic Yoga Collection featuring major athletes including Eddie George (Yoga for Strength), Kevin Love (Yoga for Flexibility) and Matt Giordano (Yoga for Runners). Each DVD cost just $15.

Yoga Shorts

Phat Buddha

Just because some male yogis walk around wearing nothing but a tiny strip of fabric doesn't mean that's what you have to wear, too. Instead, pick up a pair of Phat Buddha Morton Shorts ($48). They look similar to standard fitness shorts, with a relaxed exterior fit, but the inner lining is a light compression short for ease of movement so you can feel okay about trying awkward-looking poses.

Yoga Pants


Lululemon knows yoga, and not just for the ladies. The On the Mat Pant ($98) is made of lightweight, wicking, four-way stretch material, a looser fit around the thighs for ease of movement, and a tapered ankle to keep the pants in place during inversions. You can wear them long, just at the ankle, or pull them short around your calves.

Moisture Wicking Tees


 If you think a basic cotton tee will work during a yoga class, think again. Even though yoga may not be as active as basketball or soccer, you're still going to break a sweat. Pick up a high-quality moisture wicking tee to keep you cool and dry, even as your practice picks up steam. The Lululemon Protean Tee ($68) is worth buying in every color.

Post-Workout Pullover


You're going to want to ditch your sweaty tee after your practice, so it's a good idea to keep a high-quality pullover on hand. You can even warm up in this Setu Hoodie by prAna ($75) - made with 92% organic cotton and 8% spandex, it's the perfect addition to every yogis closet.

Mat Sling


When it's time to take your practice to the studio or the great outdoors, you're going to want a bag or sling to keep it from unrolling. The Manduka Commuter Sling is an affordable, earth-friendly option at just $16, and it's guaranteed to work with every yoga mat.

A Man-Sized Mat


Men and women are usually built a little different, so their yoga mats should be built a little different, too. Gaiam's 5 millimeter 2gripMat ($75) is 10 inches longer and 2 inches wider than a standard yoga mat, and it's Dry-Tech technology is designed to actually improve grip when you sweat. It may cost a little more than an entry-level mat, but you'll be glad you made the investment.

Strong Block


If I had to guess, you're probably not as flexible as your wife or girlfriend. Men tend to be less "bendy" than their female counterparts. That's why men should invest in a high-quality yoga block to help them attempt and achieve certain poses that may not otherwise be possible. Grab the Lululemon Dense Foam Block for just $12.

Post-Yoga Sandals


Yoga is done barefoot, so you're probably going to want to air out your feet a bit before and after class. Trust me, you don't want to strip off your sweaty socks and shoes just before class, leaving the smell of foot wafting around you. Instead, keep a pair of sandals on hand to take you to and from the studio. The Sanuk Yogi 3 ($36) comes in three colors and actually has a footbed made out of yoga mat material. It's also a vegan and vegetarian-friendly option.

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