Yoga ToeSox Review

Yoga ToeSox
ToeSox. Photo Courtesy of ToeSox

If you've paged through a copy of Yoga Journal lately, chances are you've noticed the ads. Photographed in soft black and white, a beautiful yogini (Kathryn Budig, who is often featured in Yoga Journal's DVDs and web videos) gracefully practices advanced arm balances, headstands, handstands and backbends, naked except for a pair of socks with articulated toes. Working on me month after month, the ads finally achieved their intended purpose: I needed to know more about those socks.

What Are ToeSox?

ToeSox (not to be confused with the popular Yogitoes mat towel) are the brain child of company president Joe Patterson. If a standard issue sock is a mitten, these socks are like gloves, with each toe defined. Made of organic cotton with just a bit of spandex, the sole of each sock is covered with little grippy bumps designed to create traction. The socks, which are available in both full- and half-toe styles, are intended to remedy any number of situations in which you might want to cover your feet during yoga, including cold feet, slippery feet, ugly feet, protection from dirty mats, and possibly to replace the mat altogether. Over time, Patterson also found that wearing the socks actually increased his toe strength by encouraging the toes to spread. This can help people with arthritis and other types of foot pain.

So, How'd Those ToeSox Work Out?

I always have cold feet, so I came to the socks mostly from the warmth angle.

They did help me get onto my mat for home practice sessions during colder months in my chilly bedroom, though I found that after a few minutes of flow I was warm enough to take them off. I prefer the half-toe style, since they feel less constricting and are, to my mind, slightly more stylish (think Flashdance, which one can now rock ironically).

In addition to a classic ankle or low-rise sock height, you can also choose the Mary-Jane (ballerina style, perfect for barre classes) or knee length (preferred by Cross Fitters). They are definitely more grippy than bare feet on both wood and carpeted floor so would be a good choice for traveling yogis who like to pack light. If you need to cover your feet during yoga or other mat practices for reasons of hygiene or injury, ToeSox work well for you. Besides being practical, they are also pretty funny, so make great gifts for the yogis in your life (stocking stuffers!). If you are already a fan, check out their compression socks for athletes and casual sock for everybody.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.

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