20 Signs That You're a Thyroid Patient

You can often find a thyroid patient reading up on the latest findings!. istockphoto

Are you a thyroid patient? We have a number of things in common, and some truly tell-tale signs. So take a look and see if you can relate to some -- or even all -- of the following "20 Signs That You're a Thyroid Patient!"

You recommend "get your thyroid checked" to anyone who tells you they're tired or can't lose weight. (And you have a few friends or family members who have been diagnosed thanks to your advice!)

When you are on a diet and exercise program, you rejoice if you've lost even one pound the previous week. (Meanwhile, friends boast that they've lost 5 pounds in a week by cutting out their daily soda!)

When you wake up feeling energetic, you are so excited that you tend to overdo it that day, and need to spend the next two days recuperating. (And you vow to never do this again, and learn your lesson!)

You keep a folder/binder of thyroid blood test results, and you may even have them entered into a spreadsheet. (Extra points if you have created a line graph of your results!)

You are proud to be a "petits papiers" person. (Don't know what that is? Read here.)

You know the acronyms TSH, TPO, and MTHFR. (AND, you can explain what they mean!)

You know the values for the top 25 percentile of normal on the Free T3 blood test reference range at the lab where you have your blood drawn.

You know that there are potentially allergy-inducing fillers in Synthroid, and that Tairosint is hypoallergenic, and that both are brands of levothyroxine.

You know not to take your thyroid hormone replacement medication within three hours of iron or calcium supplements.

You wait at least an hour after taking thyroid hormone replacement before you drink your morning coffee.

You know that iodine is necessary to make thyroid hormone, but that too much iodine can also be a problem.

You are careful about overdoing it with soy products -- and you avoid processed and genetically modified soy entirely.

You are careful about overexposure to fluoride.

You are willing to drive or travel long distances to see a truly knowledgeable doctor to oversee your thyroid care.

You won't let a doctor surgically remove an "indeterminate" or "inconclusive" nodule unless you've had the Veracyte Afirma Analysis test to conclusively determine if your nodule is cancerous.

You know that you may need an increased dose of thyroid hormone replacement during colder months.

You are aware that sometimes, weight loss and symptom relief in autoimmune thyroid patients requires that you go on a gluten-free diet.

You know the difference between Hashimoto's disease and hypothyroidism.

You'd rather sleep an extra hour, compared to a spin class. (And you know that it is probably better for your weight loss efforts!)

You stay up on thyroid news, research, and information, and are a proactive advocate for your thyroid care.

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