5 Reasons Your Young Adult Should Consider the Military

For many teens, the military is the best career option.
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There are many reasons that each young adult should consider military service. While the military is not for everyone, it offers a variety of benefits your teen may not gain elsewhere.

Here are the five most important reasons your young adult should consider the military as an option after high school or college.

1. Maturity, Focus, and Pride

Every parent who has witnessed their child graduate from basic training will tell you how much they have ‘grown up’ in that short amount of time.

Besides the growth in stamina and physical appearance, parents are often astounded by the self-esteem and self-confidence their young adult has gained.

Your young adult will learn from the beginning to depend on himself and his unit for his very life. This teaches him how precious life is and how important and difficult it is to protect it.

Most important, he will learn that he is capable of doing the job. This insight gives a new soldier the maturity they need to protect our country. It gives him a focus of what life is all about. It gives him pride in himself and his country. 

2. Educational Benefits

The military will help pay for college and help pay off student loans. If your young adult is in need of money for education, the military can help. Military benefits can even be used to pay for a spouse or child's education down the road.

3. A Lifetime Career

Many people choose life in the military as their career path.

They are successful in this chosen career, have families, and enjoy their lives. The military is not just a stepping-stone to some other career; often it’s the career choice.

For teens who are feeling a bit lost after high school, the military can introduce them to a variety of options. A teen may discover hidden talents, new interests, and a variety of skills while serving her country.

4. Training

Soldiers have jobs within the military. In order for soldiers to be eligible for these jobs, they need to be trained. The training is usually extensive and your young adult will learn their job inside and out.

This benefit will not only get them looked at by a future employer, but most times put them above other applicants. So if your young adult wants to be a pilot, mechanic, engineer, etc. the training in the military is a viable option to just college.

5. Veterans Benefits

There are a host of benefits that veterans are eligible for including home loans, medical insurance, and educational monies. Your child will be able to tap into these benefits for the rest of her life and her family will also enjoy a multitude of benefits as well.

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