Your Complete Asthma To-Do List

Your Complete Asthma To-Do List

Asthma To Do List
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We all need a to-do list to make sure we get things done. This asthma to-do list will make sure that you have the most important components in place for your asthma control.

Know Your Asthma Triggers


If your asthma control is not where it needs to be the first thing on your to-do list is identifying triggers. Triggers are the things that, when you are exposed, lead to asthma symptoms. Triggers start the pathophysiology of asthma.

Asthma To Do- Have an Asthma Action Plan in Place

Asthma Action Plan. From NIH Publication No. 07-5251

Your asthma action plan is one of the most important things on your asthma to-do list if you do not have one. Think of your action plan as a road map to good control of your asthma. It incorporates all aspects of your symptoms, monitoring, and treatment.

Know When Your Asthma Is and Is Not Well Controlled

Coltron the Controller
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Your asthma control is an important part of your asthma action plan. You need to know when your asthma is under good control, when it is not, and what you need to do about it.

Develop A Monitoring Plan

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Monitoring your asthma is another essential to-do on the way to good asthma control. Plans are often based on either peak flow or symptoms such as:

Monitoring asthma is important because it decreases emergency room visits, asthma exacerbations, and leads to better medication compliance.

Learn How To Use a Peak Flow Meter

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Another essential to-do in monitoring your asthma is learning to use a peak flow correctly. It is commonly said that that which is not measured cannot be changed. Your asthma is no different.

A peak flow meter is just one way to monitor your asthma and may be incorporated into your asthma action plan.

Make Sure You Understand and Take Your Medication as Prescribed

Can You Predict Asthma?
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Depending on the source, noncompliance with asthma treatment plans range from somewhere between 20–80%. For a chronic illness, this means an awful lot of patients are not taking their meds.

For some patients, this could be due to side effects, while for others it could be that they do not understand their asthma regimen or that the medications are too expensive.

Always Have Your Rescue Inhaler

Learn how to keep your child free of long-term asthma risks. Joshua Davidson, MD

Not remembering your rescue inhaler can be dangerous. You have no idea when you might need it, so it always needs to be close at hand.

Whether you keep a spare in your backpack, car, or desk, you need to implement some sort of strategy to remember to take your meds.

ICE Contact and Medical Alert Technology

USB Medical Alert Bracelet
USB Medical Alert Bracelet.

An ICE contact, personal health record or medical alert bracelet may save your life. With an ICE contact in your smartphone, you can direct the people helping you to someone that is knowledgeable about you and your medical problems.

A medical alert bracelet or personal health record also will allow people trying to care for you to know about your condition as well as get in contact with family or friends.

What Is Your Biggest Asthma Problem?

Asthma and Anxiety
Asthma and Anxiety. Brand X Pictures

We want to help you get control of your asthma. I want to hear about your biggest asthma problem so that we can try to help you develop a solution or better understand how to help.
 You are probably not the only one with the problem. Take a few minutes describing your problem so we can develop a solution together.

Learn More About Your Asthma

Asthma Help
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