Your Complete Guide to the Barre Workout Craze

Get the Goods Before Hitting the Barre

Pure Barre, Bar Method, Barre3 and Physique 57 are just a few of the barre fitness studios exploding around the country. These dance-inspired workouts promise participants the "dancer's body" they've been dreaming of, and focus on slow, controlled movements to "burn out" the legs and "shake to change."

But what are these workouts... and more specifically, do they work? Before spending upwards of $20 on your first barre fitness class, read on to learn everything you need to know about the barre fitness craze.

(Also, be sure to check out how to score fitness classes on a budget.)

An Insider's Take to Barre Workouts

Plie Squat with High Heels. Marielle Burch

Marielle Burch is a high-level personal trainer... and a self-proclaimed barre addict who hopes to one day teach this form of fitness. Learn about her transition from competitive athlete and runner to avid barre fan, and why she swears by the workout (and thinks you will, too).

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Are Barre Workouts Worth It?

barre workout at dancers shape in austin, tx. Jennifer McCamish Dancers Shape

We all know dancer's look darn good in their spandex and tutus, but will barre workouts really deliver the same type of body to everyday participants? Maybe. This article dives into the nitty gritty of how barre workouts work, and what you need to add to achieve the dancer's shape you're looking for.

(Hint: It involves a more well-rounded cross training routine that includes more strength training and cardio.)

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Barre Workout Must-Haves


It's always acceptable to show up to barre class in whatever clothing feels most comfortable to you, but you may want to ditch your baggy T-shirt for something more fitted. Barre is one of those workouts where it's important to see your form... which is hard to do if your body is hidden under layers of sweats and tees.

These pieces of apparel will help you to see your lines and check your form, all while keeping you comfortable and covered.

(Also, barre workouts are usually done barefoot, but if you hate the idea of working out sans shoes, we've got a great alternative for you!)

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AIRbarre: Taking Your Barre Workout Off the Floor

Second Position Forced Arch

When you're ready to take your barre workout to new heights, look no further than AIRbarre - a workout that uses a combination of aerial yoga and traditional barre exercises to challenge you in new and different ways.

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Add Boot Camp to Your Barre Workout With BarreAmped Boot Camp


One of my only complaints about barre workouts is that there's an upper limit to their strengthening benefits. If you want to ramp up your workout and build more muscle, a home-based class like BarreAmped Boot Camp might be exactly what you need.

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CABARRET: Combining the Benefits of Burlesque and Barre

CABARRET class in action: barre work. Kelly Murray. Ballet 180

Looking for more ways to spice up your fitness routine? CABARRET is a unique workout experience that combines a barre workout with burlesque dance. There's certainly nothing wrong with making your workout a bit sexy!

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How to Master Tough Barre Exercises at Home

Contemporary Arabesque Leg Lifts
FitnessGlo, Ilyse Baker

One challenge of the growing barre fitness craze is that many participants forgo the fitness studio in favor of a home-based workout. While this is definitely a more affordable option, many of the workout's intricacies are lost, and participants fail to master proper form. If you plan on doing your barre workout at home, check your form when doing these three common exercises to make sure you're reducing your risk of injury.

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Free At-Home Physique 57 Workout

Tricep Can Can Single
Physique 57

Get a feel for barre before you hit the studio by trying this free, at-home workout courtesy of Physique 57.

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