Find Out Which of These Exercises Best Suits Your Personality

Your Personality - Your Personal Exercise Formula

Regular exercise has been scientifically proven to be beneficial for preventing stroke, recovering from a stroke and preventing recurrent stroke. For countless people, the thought of exercise seems unpleasant. Exercise brings to mind back strain, soreness, sweating and shortness of breath. Many people do not want to go to the trouble of changing into fitness attire and then showering after exercise.

For some, exercise means messing up laboriously coiffed hair and carefully applied makeup. Many who are recovering from a stroke or another serious disease actually fear intense exercise, and sometimes with good reason. It is easier to avoid physical activity and instead, to spend time surfing the Internet, talking on the phone, eating, watching TV or reading. 

However, exercise does not have to be an all or none venture. Given that even moderate exercise, such as walking, has been shown to be beneficial for men and women, it is a good idea to try to get some exercise into your routine, at any age. In fact, even individuals who are severely paralyzed benefit from physical therapy to prevent problems such as sores, stiffness, and atrophy.

Your exercise should suit your personality. What motivates you in life can motivate you to exercise. 

What inspires or drives you? See which of the descriptions below best describes you.

Are you most happy when you are socializing with friends?

Do you like gatherings that allow you to interact with many people? Do you pick up on positive energy and feel refreshed when you spend time with others?

You are Inspired by Social Interaction.

Do you feel content when you do something useful for others? Do you like to be helpful?

You are Gratified with Service.

Do you derive satisfaction from getting things in order? Do you enjoy the feeling that things are taken care of? Do you like the sense of cleanliness and organization?

You are Satisfied by Orderliness

Do you have the drive to check things off of your to-do list? Are you very goal oriented? Do you like to feel busy?

You are Driven by Efficiency

Is making money and saving money what keeps you satisfied in life? Do you feel proud when you shop during a sale or use coupons?

You are Motivated by Money

Do you enjoy entertainment and diversions? Do you like to laugh and follow the news about entertainment, light politics, or fashion?

You are Delighted by Amusement

Are you most gratified when you are relaxing? Do you crave tranquility?

You are Pleased with Calmness

Do you like making yourself or your surroundings beautiful? Do you love decorating, presenting attractive food displays, putting outfits together?

You Enjoy Designing

Many regular activities provide you with simple, moderate exercise for a healthier life while satisfying your personal needs for joy and well-being.

1. Walk to the mailbox instead of picking up the mail when driving in or out of the driveway.

Social Interaction

2. Park far away when you go on shopping or browsing trips- leave the closer spots to those who are less able than you.

Service, Efficiency, Designing

3. Stay on top of washing laundry, sheets, and towels. Carry the laundry up and down the stairs.

Orderliness, Efficiency 

4. Do some gardening and figure out how much it would have cost to hire someone to do it.

Orderliness, Efficiency, Money, Calmness, Designing

5. Volunteer at a shopping center to wrap holiday gifts.

Social Interaction, Service, Orderliness, Designing

6. Take a walk in the mall if the weather is not suited for an outdoor walk.

Social Interaction, Calmness

7. Take a walk with a friend. 

Social Interaction, Amusement, Calmness

8. Use a pedometer or another device to track your exercise.


9. Set a fitness goal and work towards it gradually.


10. Take a yoga class or follow a yoga video at home. Add light weights if you need more of a challenge.


11. Serve food or help at a school, religious organization or neighborhood festival.

Social Interaction, Service, Orderliness, Designing 

12. Do some spring-cleaning. Use medium sized boxes and keep them lightweight. Think about selling useful items. Free up some space, saving money on storage shelves, or even unneeded home additions.

Orderliness, Efficiency, Money

13. Walk on the treadmill while watching TV, listening to music or watching entertaining videos.

Amusement, Calmness

14. Sweep an area of the house, garage or yard. Take your time. Calculate the cost of hiring someone to do it and think of your cost savings.

Orderliness, Efficiency, Money, Calmness

15. Use a balance ball while surfing the Internet for leisure or work

Efficiency, Amusement, Calmness

Your personality defines who you are. There is no need to label yourself a person 'who doesn't exercise.' You can exercise your own way to gain the health benefits of staying active for a lifetime.


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