Your Second Pregnancy

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Being pregnant again can be drastically different. You might find that symptoms are better or worse than your first pregnancy. You may also find that there are some positive things happening physically too like feeling the move sooner. You may also find that you need maternity clothes sooner because your belly shows faster.

Dealing With a Toddler During Your Second Pregnancy

One of the things that you will miss about your first pregnancy is the ability to lay in bed and do nothing when pregnancy fatigue hits.

If you are experiencing morning sickness, that can be really hard to do with a toddler. Put your baby in a safe place and come back when you are done in the bathroom.

Telling Your Child About a Second Pregnancy

When you should tell your child about a new baby will really depend on their age. The younger a child is, the less ability they have to look into the future. For a toddler, they may not need to know until your pregnancy is truly impinging on their daily life - like your lap is overgrown. An older child may be able to handle the news sooner.

Second Baby Showers

There are some that believe that every baby deserves a baby shower. Though how this baby shower look varies widely from mom to mom. From a baby sprinkle to a full fledged shower can depend on factors like:

  • Years since last birth
  • Different sex of baby
  • New husband/father

Basically, there isn't a perfect answer - do what is right and comfortable for your family.

You can still celebrate your baby in a number of ways.

Preparing Your Child for a New Baby

Having a new baby in the house is hard for everyone, particularly the new sibling! Becoming a big brother or big sister is not what everyone talks about.

They tell kids stories about getting a new playmate, leading to disappointed siblings when the baby only wants to eat and cry. Try to set up a realistic view of life with a new baby for your child.

Giving Birth Again

Having another baby may worry you. The first time you had a baby you were frightened by the unknown. This time you worry about what you know. If you had a positive birth, you can do what you need to do to repeat that experience. If you had a birth that was not as positive or had things that you wanted to change - you can make changes.

Children at Birth

While having your child at the birth of their sibling is not right for every family or every child, it can be the right answer for your family. The key is really preparation of the child. Even a young child can be in attendance at a birth and be okay with it if well prepared.

Planning for Future Pregnancies

If you are always thinking ahead, as a mom of many, here is what you can think about in terms of your next pregnancy: