Your Start Doing List to Build More Muscle

Write a start doing list to build more muscle.
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Writing out a list makes your shopping experience a whole lot easier. You know why you are there, where to go and what you need to do. Same goes for your daily to do list. When you are zeroed in on the specifics, you can get more accomplished. Writing lists puts your head in the game and gives you direction and purpose. You can use this power of a list to build more muscle! Set your intentions with a start doing list and your body will follow your mind.

Here’s your ready-made Start Doing List to build more muscle.

Start believing in yourself. You might think your fitness is all about your workouts and what you eat, but the biggest component of your health is mental. If you don’t believe in yourself, start today. I know what you are thinking: “Yeah, right, how do I do that?” First, stop telling yourself it’s hard to do. Like a light-switch you can instantly decide to believe in yourself. Flip the switch and think positive things. Quiet any mental criticism that floats into your mind. Seek out small wins and notice them. Make decisions that make you feel good about you. Start now by giving yourself a compliment.

Start drinking more water. Enhance your muscle-building workouts by keeping your body well-hydrated for optimal performance. Dehydration will work against you, so aim for 64 ounces of water each day. That’s eight, eight-ounce glasses of water a day.

You need lots of water for proper muscle growth and recovery. If you don’t like regular old water, try lemon water to make it more enjoyable to your taste buds.(Lemon water has all sorts of added health benefits too.)

Start sneaking muscle moves into your day. When you look for opportunity, you find it.

Do a wall-sit or some squats when you are brushing your teeth. Lunge down a hallway. Go to sit in your desk chair and stand back up. Use TV-watching time as a muscle-building opportunity. Want my entire list of strength-training moves you can do from dawn to dusk? Read 7 Sneaky Ways to Add Strength Training To Your Day.

Start going to class. If you keep telling yourself that you need to add strength training to your cardio workouts but you don’t make any progress, make it automatic with a muscle-building group fitness class. Select a time that works well for you and just commit. Find a friend to keep you accountable and meet each other there. You’ll get quality instruction from a professional and the routine is all laid out for you. You will get a surge of confidence for your follow-through, and your increased muscle will enhance your performance in all of your workouts as well as daily tasks around the house.

Start using your results to up your game. You glance in the mirror and see muscles in your shoulders you never saw before.

Or you are poolside and your legs are rock hard. Maybe you see a picture of yourself and you can’t believe what’s staring back at you—a toned and sculpted body. When you witness the results of strength-training in your body, you are more likely to do it regularly. Use the visible benefits of strength-training to find more ways to do it regularly.

Start challenging yourself with a monthly theme. Is it push-up month? Burpee month? Plank month? You decide! Challenge yourself by turning a new month into a theme with a strength-training move. You can do your regular workout routine, but challenge yourself by holding plank position each day. Or seeing how many burpees you can do each day. Use a month to work up to doing more push-ups. Having trouble with side plank? Practice for a month. I’m feeling a Full Body Roll Up month coming on—yes you can!

The hardest part of doing anything is to just start. Get your mind on board by writing out your own list. What will you do from my list above? What action steps are you willing to take? Get your Start Doing list going and it will be easier to get your mind to follow! Once you start, momentum builds and it’s easier to keep going. Are you going to add anything to your ready-made list to build more muscle? I’d love to hear from you. Share your thoughts below! Soon you will be on your way to a stronger and healthier you. Let’s get started!

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