Tips for Beginners in Fitness Classes

Make the most of your group exercise session

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If you're a beginner in a fitness class, you know how scary it can be. Taking the plunge and signing up for an exercise class is a big step if you've been sedentary for a while. Group fitness classes can be intimidating and it can be tough to keep up. Use these tips to feel better during your workout.

Find a Beginning-Level Aerobics Class

It can be intimidating to see aerobics classes that look like try-outs for a Broadway musical.

But there are many classes that are specifically designed for beginners. Almost any gym or health club that offers a decent variety of classes will include a newbie-friendly class on the regular schedule. While the beginning class will offer easier choreography, it should still be challenging enough to offer you a good workout for your time.

Make New Friends 

Are you afraid that you're going to be  out of step with the other people in your new class? Are you worried that you won't be able to keep up? Finding a friend to follow and standing behind him or her can make a big difference. You'll feel less overwhelmed if you have someone that you know to watch. How do you find a buddy to follow? Keep an eye out for someone who knows the routine and nab a spot close behind. During breaks say hello and introduce yourself. Your new friend may feel flattered that you admire their skills.

Meet Your Instructor

Don't be afraid to introduce yourself to the aerobics class instructor.

In fact, many instructors appreciate the attention. And they will often take extra time to show you any moves that you find difficult to follow. She may even be able to give you tips to make your entire workout program more effective. 

If you hit a tough spot during a class, don't hesitate to hang back and ask for help.

Most instructors will be glad to spare a few minutes to help you. 

Make Friends With the Mirror

Do you avoid mirrors because of your weight? Then you might be especially intimidated as a beginner in an aerobics class. There are mirrors everywhere! But if you get used to them, mirrors can be your friends.

You can check mirrors on a regular basis to make sure that you're doing exercises correctly. But don't stare at them constantly.  Believe it or not, the habit can do more harm than good. It can affect your posture and even cause you to lose your balance. It's okay to check your form once in a while, but getting too "into" what you see can lead to further confusion.

Keep Moving!

And my top tip for newbie exercise class attendees? Just. Keep. Moving. Even if the moves seem too complicated and even if you think that you'll never be able to keep up, just keep moving. Do anything to continue to move. You can even simply walk in place. You will keep your motivation up, your heart rate going and it will show everyone else that you're not just going to stand still when the going gets tough!

It's easy to get frustrated if you can't keep up, but don't let yourself get embarrassed. Remind yourself that everyone in the class was a beginner at some point.

They didn't walk in the class knowing the routine either. So, keep the pace by moving your feet to the music and catch up when you can. It will make giving up altogether that much harder to do.

*Edited by Malia Frey, Weight Loss Expert

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