Yummy Valentine's Day Recipes for Kids

From breakfast to dessert, we've got your menu for February 14 covered!

Want to show your preschooler and your family a little love this Valentine's Day? Sure, there are plenty of chocolates, flowers, and jewelry to give, but how about making something a little special in the kitchen? There are a ton of wonderful Valentine's Day recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and of course dessert that are sure to please everyone in your house. With a little bit of effort, advanced planning, and your trusty heart-shaped cookie cutter, you'll be off to a sweet start on February 14!

Valentine's Day Breakfast Recipes

Valentine's Day breakfast recipes
Start off February 14 on the right foot with these Valentine's Day breakfast recipes. spielkkind

Start the day off with a smile with some of these delicious and fun-to-make Valentine's Day breakfast recipes. Looking for something more simple you can do quickly? Using a heart-shaped cookie cutter, you can have a lot of fun making heart shapes out of eggs, pancakes, toast, waffles, and French toast.

Need something even more low-key? Make a heart using fresh berries in cereal or oatmeal, or make "Cupid's Arrows." Make fruit kabobs with fresh fruit and then cut arrow points and wings out of orange slices or cheese.

Treat your preschooler to breakfast in bed for a fun Valentine's Day beginning.

Valentine's Day Lunch and Dinner Recipes

Valentine's Day recipes for kids
Lunch and dinner become all the more loveable with Valentine's Day recipes. Debbi Smirnoff

With a heart-shaped cookie cutter and a little imagination, you can make just about anything Valentine's Day appropriate! Try some of the following heart-shaped foods:

  • meatballs (use your favorite recipe, then cut with the cookie cutter)
  • tea sandwiches
  • heart sandwiches
  • pepperoni pizza
  • fruit salad (use cut watermelon and strawberries, which are naturally heart-shaped!)

Don't have a cookie cutter or think heart-shaped foods are a bit too on the nose? Opt for foods in Valentine's Day colors -- think red, white, and pink. Think pasta and sauces, meatballs, pizza, and more!

Valentine's Day Drinks

Valentne's Day drink recipes for kids
Mix up some sweet, fruity drinks for your preschooler this Valentine's Day. DAJ

Fun fruity drinks on Valentine's Day are a must! While there are plenty of recipes to choose from, you can make the day festive by simply using heart-themed cups, fancy glasses, and even heart-shaped ice! Dye milk with red food dye, or add a few drops of red food coloring to water. Still looking for ideas? Try some of these fun drinks:

Valentine's Day Snacks

Rice Krispies® Valentine's Day Greeting Courtesy of ChildhoodIsCalling.com
Rice Krispies® Valentine's Day Greeting Courtesy of ChildhoodIsCalling.com. Rice Krispies® Valentine's Day Greeting Courtesy of ChildhoodIsCalling.com

There is absolutely no shortage of snacks for Valentine's Day! The good news is that they all don't need to be sugar-laden baked goods (although there are plenty of those too). 

Valentine's Day Party Foods

Valentine's Day party foods
Hosting a party this Valentine's Day? We've got all the recipes you need!. David Marsden

Hosting a party for your preschooler for Valentine's Day? Maybe you are the class parent and you are looking for ideas. Or how about a Valentine's Day party where the kids help in the kitchen? 

Also, be sure to check out these great ideas for Valentine's Day treat bags too!

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