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Zoinx Wrap Clip Sunglasses with Zipper Pouch
Zoinx Wrap Clip Sunglasses with Zipper Pouch. Zoinx

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I wear sunglasses for my walking workouts, but I hate figuring out how to carry them as I walk from shade into sun and back into shade. I also need to be able to read my apps and maps as I walk, which leads to a lot of glasses on/glasses off.

Zoinx Clip Sunglasses help solve that problem with a design that lets you keep your glasses securely clipped and handy when you take them off.

The temples of the Zoinx sunglasses have a built-in clip. Pinch the top of the clip to open them and they spring back closed. You can clip them to anything - your bag, your belt, your bra strap, etc. You can get creative and still be sure they aren't going to be falling out of a pocket or on the ground when you bend over.

In addition to the temple clips, they come with a Sport Strap with Zipper Pouch which can be used as a lanyard to keep your Zoinx handy around your neck. You could add a different strap if you prefer.

The Sport Strap and Zipper Pouch are actually two items that clip together or you can use them separately. The strap has loops to attach to the temple clips. It has clasps to attach to the Zipper Pouch or to its opposite strap when you want to use the pouch separately.

The Zipper Pouch can be used as a wrist pouch if you prefer. It can hold small items like keys, cash, cards and ID.

Zoinx includes a waterproof emergency info insert you can fill out and carry in the pouch. You can add the included foam insert and it will float in water.
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The pouch can also be used to store the lenses. Zoinx sunglasses also come with a nice nylon hard case.


The Aviator Zoinx is made in the classic aviator style and the Wrap Zoinx are a sporty unisex style. The frames of both are made from machined alloy with a brushed finish. They have a small selection of frame and temple colors.

The temples are made of TR90 thermoplastic polyamide which is hypoallergenic, flexible and durable.


All Zoinx sunglasses have TAC polarized lenses to reduce glare and reflection. They are available in gray, green, amber and bronze in the Wrap style and in green for the Aviator style.

Bottom Line

I love the usefulness of securely clipping the Zoinx to my hat, bra strap, pant loop, jacket zipper pull, pack loops, etc. I can't tell you how many times I have scratched the lenses of my sunglasses when they fell out of where I had them stashed (usually in my neckline). If they are clipped, they won't fall out where I'm sure to step on them. I've destroyed sunglasses that way, too.

You don't even have to use the included Sport Strap if you just want to use the temple clips. It was great to get the zipper pouch, which is useful on its own on your wrist (or your ankle if you have very slim ankles).

I ran into a problem with the temple clip snagging in my hair when I have it pulled back into a ponytail.

I didn't have that problem when my hair was untied, and it wouldn't be a problem for people with short hair (or no hair).

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Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.

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